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Commercial Ancillaries for everyday maintenance

Opie Commercial Oils have a number of everyday maintenance products available here

Opie Commercial Oils stock a varied range of products all available to purchase online and be delivered to your door in the UK. For the everyday up keep of your commercial vehicle from a selection of brands including:

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Millers Oils Alpine Antifreeze BT BLUE Concentrate

Millers Oils Alpine Antifreeze / Coolant BT BLUE - Concentrate is a high quality corrosion inhibited ethylene glycol Antifreeze / Coolant, suitable for all year round use in the cooling systems of all internal combustion engines.
Price £35.95

5 sizes available

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin LL Long Life Antifreeze - 50/50 Ready To Use

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin LL - a long term antifreeze Antifreeze / Coolant based on mono ethylene glycol and formulated using Organic Acid Technology (OAT) for heavy duty application as well as passenger cars and stationary combustion engines.
Price £59.95

1 size available

Fuchs Renolit EP 2 Multi Purpose Grease

RENOLIT EP 2 greases are multi-purpose lubricants suitable for use in high pressure greasing equipment. Their pumpability ensures regular and easy flow through the fine bore pipes used in automatic systems. RENOLIT EP 2 may be used as a general industrial and automotive lubricant. It can be used for product rationalisation for many applications.
Price £39.95

7 sizes available

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin Esk Universal Antifreeze Concentrate

Maintain Fricofin Esk is a versatile, concentrated engine Antifreeze / Coolant, suitable for all year round use in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines.
Price £59.95

3 sizes available

Fuchs Gear Lube Aerosol

Designed for use on all exposed gears and other moving parts. Reinforced with solid lubricants, this aerosol is ideally suited for application to industrial open gears – even moving gears. Exceptional penetrating power and water resistance making it ideal for use on equipment that is constantly exposed to the weather.
Price £89.95

1 size available

Fuchs FLT Lube Fork Lift Chain Spray Aerosol

Fuchs FLT Lube Aerosol provides a thin film, heavy duty lubricant for the protection of leaf and roller chains on all types of lift truck. The lubricant itself incorporates a penetrative solvent carrier to ensure effective penetration of the liquid and solid lubricants into pins and bushes to ensure transport to potential wear sites and therefore to assist protection, even under conditions of shock loading.

1 size available

Fuchs Copper Anti-Seize Aerosol

Anti-seize compound recommended for use on the assembly of new equipment for long-term corrosion protection and to prevent ‘self welding’. High temperature, corrosion resistant anti-seize compound which will not breakdown, burn, dissolve or wash off.
Price £99.95

1 size available

Fuchs Contact Cleaner Aerosol

A powerful solvent designed to clean components with the minimum of fuss, leaving no residual film. Its vigorous penetration and quick drying action makes it perfect for cleaning fouled plugs, dirty points and other precision parts.
Price £69.95

1 size available

Fuchs Maintain Screenwash Concentrate

Fuchs Screen Wash is a top brand, concentrated, universal screen wash, de-icer and lubricant, designed not just to clean but to remove frost from your car or van windscreen and to stop your windscreen wipers from juddering.
Price £29.95

1 size available

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