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85w-140 Gearbox Oils & Axle Oils for Bus & Coach Manual Transmissions and Axles

We stock a large range of hand picked, high quality 85w-140 gear oils, perfect for any bus or coach where this grade is required

Replacing your vehicle's gearbox or axle oil is a surprisingly straightforward task that is commonly overlooked. There's generally nothing too much to be daunted by... in fact replacing gear oil is normally a very similar process to changing engine oil.

Running a high quality gear fluid not only ensures smooth gear change but is vital for the protection of internal components and gear faces / teeth. Even if your vehicle manufacture states that the gearbox is 'fill for life', you'll quite often find it still has a drain and replacement time scale... so well worth checking.

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Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 Multipurpose Axle Oil

Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 is a good multipurpose axle oil which may be used in differentials, final drives in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles where API GL-5 performance is required. Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 is approved by ZF for use in a wide range of commercial applications including axles in off-road and agricultural equipment.
Price £99.95

2 sizes available

Fuchs Titan Supergear 85w-140 Mineral Gearbox Oil

TITAN SUPERGEAR 85W-140 is a mineral universal gear oil for use in manual Transmissions and axle gearboxes in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Price £79.99

1 size available

Shell Spirax S2 A 85w-140 Heavy Duty Axle Oil

Shell Spirax S2 A 85w-140 is blended for use in a wide variety of automotive axle units subjected to heavy duty conditions.
Price £119.95

2 sizes available

Shell Spirax S3 AX 85w-140 Gearbox & Axle Oil

Shell Spirax S3 AX 85W-140 is a high performance, API GL-5 gearbox and shoulder oil for moderately to heavily loaded. Applications in road and land vehicle applications requiring an SAE 85W-140 oil.
Price £119.95

2 sizes available

Texaco Geartex EP-C 85W140 Gearbox Oil

Geartex EPC are high performance automotive gear lubricants suitable for use in applications requiring API GL-5 performance. Formulated with mineral base stocks and highly effective additives these lubricants are available in viscosity grades SAE 80W-90 and 85W-140.
Price £90.50

2 sizes available

Millers Oils Hypoid 85w-140 Mineral Gearbox Oil

High quality gear oil comprising of solvent-refined mineral base stocks with performance additives. Use as received in equipment requiring extreme pressure (EP) and hypoid lubricants including vehicle gearboxes, trans-axles and modern fuel efficient manual gearboxes.
Price £61.99

2 sizes available

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