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Mercedes Benz: 228.5

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Bus & Coach Mercedes Benz: 228.5

Find Bus & Coach Engine Oils, Gear Oils or Ancillaries for your Vehicle

Great range of Bus & Coach products here at Opie Commercial Oils

Our growing selection of oils and fluids for Bus & Coach vehicles is here! Including Engine Oil, Gear Oil/Automatic Transmission Fluid and many more Ancillaries! Buy online here for delivery of your Bus & Coach Commercial needs.

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Mercedes Benz: 228.5

Fuchs Titan Cargo SL 5w-30 Engine Oil

TITAN CARGO SL SAE 5W-30 is a top performance, extreme fuel economy oil for a variety of commercial vehicle and off highway diesel engines with optimum cold starting and lower oil consumption.
Price £64.69

2 sizes available

Shell Rimula R6 ME 5w-30 Long Life Engine Oil

Shell Rimula R6 ME 5w-30 oils deliver highly responsive protection, enhanced fuel economy with no compromise in durability, maintenance saving, long drain performance coupled with protection against soot induced piston and engine deposits.
Price £79.56

2 sizes available

Fuchs TITAN Cargo MC 10W-40 Engine Oil

TITAN CARGO MC 10W-40 is a super long life, fuel economy engine oil for diesel engines with and without turbocharger in trucks, buses and industrial machinery. The SAE 10W-40 Class ensures reliable all-season use. Suitable for the longest oil change intervals.
Price £50.98

3 sizes available

Mobil Delvac 1 SHC 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Mobil Delvac 1 SHC 5W-40 is a supreme performance, synthetic diesel engine oil that provides unsurpassed lubrication including better fuel economy, long drain capability, and extended engine life for diesel engines operating in severe applications. The advanced technology behind this product delivers exceptional performance in turbo-charged as older naturally aspirated engines.
Price £116.66

2 sizes available

Mobil Delvac City Logistics F 5w-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Mobil Delvac City Logistics F 5W-30 is a synthetic engine oil that provides long engine life and excellent engine protection against sludge & wear . Mobil Delvac City Logistics F 5W-30 provides excellent lubrication of diesel and gasoline engines operating in severe driving conditions typically encountered in city operations.
Price £83.16

2 sizes available

Mobil Delvac XHP EXTRA 10w-40 Engine Oil

Mobil Delvac XHP Extra 10W-40 is a synthetic extra high performance diesel engine oil engineered to provide outstanding lubrication to modern, high performance diesel engines used in severe on and off-highway applications. This diesel engine oil is designed using high performance base oils which provide excellent low temperature fluidity, high temperature viscosity retention, volatility control, and fuel economy improvement.
Price £66.64

3 sizes available

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10w-40 E7

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-40 E7 is a full synthetic engine oil formulated with unique System 5 Technology delivering up to 40% better performance. It is also engineered for extended oil drain up to 100,000km in modern European diesel engines in accordance with OEM specifications, and is approved by Scania for maximum oil drain up to 120,000km.
Price £70.46

2 sizes available

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