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Castrol Commercial vehicle products

Great range of high quality Castrol commercial oils & lubricants

Opie Commercial Oils stock a great range of products perfect for commercial vehicles. Ensuring your commercial vehicle has the highest quality oils, fluids & lubricants offers the best protection of internals and maximises performance.

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Castrol Manual EP 80w Mineral Gearbox Oil

Castrol Manual EP 80 is a mineral based extreme pressure multi-purpose oil containing anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives to protect against problems due to oil oxidation, gear tooth corrosion and oil foam. It also contains a special extreme pressure additive to cope with the condition of high rubbing pressures experienced in hypoid units.
Price £44.56

3 sizes available

Castrol Transynd Fully Synthetic Automatic Gearbox Oil

Castrol TranSynd fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid (ATF) can be recommended for all vehicles calling for Dexron III/Mercon or Allison TES 295 and TES 468 ATF's suitable for bus and refuse vehicles with automatic transmissions.
Price £202.18

2 sizes available

Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90 Mineral Gearbox Oil

Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90 gear oil is an extreme pressure multigrade gear oil which is based upon highly refined mineral oils and incorporate extreme pressure additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and anti-foam agents.
Price £46.61

4 sizes available

Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 Multipurpose Axle Oil

Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 is a good multipurpose axle oil which may be used in differentials, final drives in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles where API GL-5 performance is required. Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 is approved by ZF for use in a wide range of commercial applications including axles in off-road and agricultural equipment.
Price £81.12

2 sizes available

Castrol Axle Z Limited Slip 90 Mineral Differential Oil

Castrol Axle Z Limited Slip 90 is a high performance mineral monograde oil suitable for limited slip differentials. GL-5. Also suitable for non-limited slip where a GL-5 SAE 90 is required.
Price £89.95

3 sizes available

Castrol Transmax Z Automatic Fully Synthetic Gearbox Oil

Castrol Transmax Z is a high quality full synthetic transmission fluid. It is particularly recommended for use in automatic and semi automatic transmissions used in buses and coaches. It may also be used in manual transmissions. As such it is recommended for fleets employing a mixture of Voith, Renk, ZF, Allison and MB transmissions alongside the Leyland Pneumocyclic and Hydracyclic units.
Price £159.95

4 sizes available

Fuchs Chain Lube Aerosol

Highly effective tenacious penetrant and lubricant for use on all types of chains.
Price £79.00

1 size available

Fuchs FLT Lube Fork Lift Chain Spray Aerosol

Fuchs FLT Lube Aerosol provides a thin film, heavy duty lubricant for the protection of leaf and roller chains on all types of lift truck. The lubricant itself incorporates a penetrative solvent carrier to ensure effective penetration of the liquid and solid lubricants into pins and bushes to ensure transport to potential wear sites and therefore to assist protection, even under conditions of shock loading.
Price £48.00

1 size available

Fuchs Gear Lube Aerosol

Designed for use on all exposed gears and other moving parts. Reinforced with solid lubricants, this aerosol is ideally suited for application to industrial open gears – even moving gears. Exceptional penetrating power and water resistance making it ideal for use on equipment that is constantly exposed to the weather.
Price £91.21

1 size available

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