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Brake Fluid

Castrol Commercial Vehicle Brake Fluid

Great range of high quality Castrol commercial Brake Fluid

Opie Commercial Oils stock a great range of Castrol brake fluid for commercial vehicles. Ensuring your commercial vehicle has the highest quality oils, fluids & lubricants offers the best protection of internals and maximises performance.

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Castrol Brake Fluid DOT 4

Castrol Brake Fluid Dot 4 (Formerly Response Dot 4) Brake Fluid is formulated from mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers together with carefully selected additives. These enable the fluid to operate at a high performance level throughout its service life, offering system protection together with ultimate braking confidence.
Price £99.95

2 sizes available

Castrol React Performance DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Castrol React Performance Dot 4 (Formerly Response Super DOT 4) Synthetic Brake Fluid is a high boiling synthetic brake fluid which far exceeds the requirements of the SAE J1703, FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and 4, ISO 4925 and JIS K2233 specifications
Price £135.50

2 sizes available

Fuchs Maintain DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

MAINTAIN DOT 5.1 is a synthetic high performance brake fluid, which meets the requirements of DOT 5.1. Therefore MAINTAIN DOT 5.1 offers excellent protection against vaporisation even under severe conditions.

1 size available

Millers Oils Universal Brake Fluid - DOT 4

Millers Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a high boiling point brake fluid meeting current requirements of SAE J 1703 and FMVSS 116 DOT 4 and is suitable for all braking systems where a non-mineral fluid is required.
Price £109.99

2 sizes available

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