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Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40 Car Engine Oil

Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40 engine oil is a premium motor oil for modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with or without extended service intervals.

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Picture of Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40 - 4 x 5 Litres

Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40 - 4 x 5 Litres



With TITAN GT1 XTL 5W-40 reliable operation is ensured under severe running conditions like high speed driving or hot idling. TITAN GT1 XTL 5W-40 is miscible and compatible with other brands of engine oils. However, mixing with other engine oils should be avoided as this may reduce or even eliminate the benefits offered.

Comprehensive XTL tests have shown: The higher performance reserves of XTL engine oil technology offers easier start-ups, less wear and greater reliability. It also cuts fuel consumption. Additional fuel savings of 1.7% compared to conventional 5W-30 engine oils highlight the exceptional fuel-economy characteristics of this new technology.


  • Approved for use in VW diesel engines with pump injector system according to VW 505 01
  • High thermal stability, turbo charger proven
  • Up to 55% faster oil circulation and up to 35% faster start-ups.
  • Excellent wear protection, i.e. Valve train (Camshafts, tappets, etc.)
  • Lower fuel consumption (Up to 1.7%)
  • Lower oil consumption (Up to 18%)
  • Improved ageing stability (Up to 38% lower viscosity increase)

Product Specifications, Recommendations and Approvals:

See Technical PDF for full details

Ford M2C917-A
Mercedes Benz 226.5
Mercedes Benz 229.31
Renault RN0700
Renault RN0710
VW 502.00
VW 505.00
VW 505.01

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