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Fuchs Commercial Vehicle Workshop Products

Great range of high quality Fuchs commercial Workshop/Ancillaries products

Opie Commercial Oils stock a great range of Fuchs products perfect for commercial vehicles. Ensuring your commercial vehicle has the highest quality oils, fluids & lubricants offers the best protection of internals and maximises performance.

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Fuchs Contact Cleaner Aerosol

A powerful solvent designed to clean components with the minimum of fuss, leaving no residual film. Its vigorous penetration and quick drying action makes it perfect for cleaning fouled plugs, dirty points and other precision parts.
Price £64.08

1 size available

Fuchs Copper Anti-Seize Aerosol

Anti-seize compound recommended for use on the assembly of new equipment for long-term corrosion protection and to prevent ‘self welding’. High temperature, corrosion resistant anti-seize compound which will not breakdown, burn, dissolve or wash off.
Price £72.70

1 size available

Fuchs Gear Lube Aerosol

Designed for use on all exposed gears and other moving parts. Reinforced with solid lubricants, this aerosol is ideally suited for application to industrial open gears – even moving gears. Exceptional penetrating power and water resistance making it ideal for use on equipment that is constantly exposed to the weather.
Price £76.01

1 size available

Fuchs Maintenance Spray Aerosol

Highly penetrative product ideally suited for the lubrication of small or inaccessible components, loosening of rust scale as well as the cleaning and protection of most electrical components. Formulated for dewatering and protection of metallic components after water treatment as well as light lubricating applications. Provides an ultra-thin anti-corrosion protective film.
Price £66.66

1 size available

Fuchs Renolit EP 000 Semi-Fluid Grease

Semi-fluid grease RENOLIT EP 000 is used in centralized systems of freight transport and heavy construction equipment, as well as as an alternative to industrial gear oils to prevent leaks.
Price £35.51

2 sizes available

Fuchs Silicone Spray Aerosol

A silicone lubricant and release agent based on a medium viscosity silicone fluid and packed in aerosol. Fuchs Silicone Spray is one of Fuchs’ advanced speciality aerosol products.
Price £74.96

1 size available

Fuchs Silkopen Aerosol

SILKOPEN AEROSOL is a graphited penetrating spray. It produces a jet spray of penetrating fluid for effective, quick release of seized and corroded metal parts. Suitable for use on fasteners, studs, valves, couplings etc.
Price £74.58

1 size available

Fuchs White Grease Aerosol

Waterproof grease spray to prevent seizure of mechanical components, including chains, pins, bushes, linkages, cable mechanisms, hinges, locks and similar applications. Penetrates and leaves an adhesive, waterproof lubricant that prevents seizure and water ingress. Also provides good corrosion protection, anti-wear and water resistance properties.
Price £79.16

1 size available

Fuchs Chain Lube Aerosol

Highly effective tenacious penetrant and lubricant for use on all types of chains.
Price £65.83

1 size available

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