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Commercial Spec Fluids and Grease for an accurate purchase for your commercial vehicle

Ensuring that your vehicle has the right engine oil and other spec products ensures correct lubrication, cooling, cleaning & internal component protection. Our range includes some of the biggest vehicle specifications in commercial manufacturing ensuring that you will find the right spec for your vehicle.

You'll find which specification your vehicle needs in your handbook or service manual. Ensuring your commercial vehicle has the correct fluids is critical for the protection of internals and maximising performance.

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ZF: TE-ML 09

Fuchs Titan ATF 3000 High Performance Automatic Gearbox Oil

Fuchs TITAN ATF 3000 is an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) performance level DEXRON II (D) and thus suitable for a large variety of applications. It is formulated on selected mineral base-oils and offers safe operation even under high stress in automatic transmissions, power steering systems and other hydraulic systems.
Price £33.32

3 sizes available

Fuchs Titan ATF 4000 High Performance Automatic Gearbox Oil

Fuchs Titan Automatic Transmission Fluid 4000 is an ultra high-performance ATF for use in automatic transmissions as well as other ATF applications. Licensed according to DEXRON III (H).
Price £31.46

3 sizes available

Shell Spirax S2 ATF AX Automatic Transmission Fluid

A high quality transmission fluid suitable for many passenger cars and heavy duty automatic transmissions, power steering and hydraulic fluid applications.
Price £61.10

2 sizes available

Texaco Texamatic 7045E Automatic Gearbox Oil

Texamatic 7045E is a proven performance automatic transmission fluid suitable for passenger car, light truck and bus transmissions requiring a GM DEXRON®-IIIG fluid.
Price £58.29

4 sizes available

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