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80w-90 ZF: TE-ML 12M

80w-90 Gearbox Oils For Van & LGV Manual Transmissions

We stock a large range of hand picked, high quality 80w-90 gear oils, perfect for any Commercial Vehicle this grade is required

Replacing your vehicle's gearbox oil is usually a surprisingly straightforward task that is commonly overlooked. There's generally nothing too much to be daunted by... in fact replacing gear oil is normally a very similar process to changing engine oil.

Running a high quality gear fluid not only ensures smooth gear change but is vital for the protection of internal components and gear faces / teeth. Even if your vehicle manufacture states that the gearbox is 'fill for life', you'll quite often find it still has a drain and replacement time scale... so well worth checking.

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Shell Spirax S3 AM 80w-90 Heavy Duty Universal Gearbox & Axle Oil

Shell Spirax S3 AM is a true universal driveline oil designed for use in modern heavy duty axles and gearboxes offering the convenience of one transmission oil for the whole driveline. Specially optimised mineral base oils and new additive technology improve lubrication of the drive train and potentially extend oil drain intervals.
Price £76.18

2 sizes available

Fuchs Titan Supergear MC 80w-90 Gearbox & Hypoid Drive Oil

TITAN SUPERGEAR MC 80W-90 is a multigrade fluid SAE 80W-90 and is designed for multifunctional use in transmissions and hypoid drives.
Price £54.91

2 sizes available

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